The New River Rendezvous

I have excellent hearing. It’s a skill honed from good genetics and a lifetime of listening. Professionally first as a salesman and now as a journalist, I’m practiced at paying attention. The Joy Trip project is my view of the world I observe, an online chronicle of what I hear.

Later this week I’ll cast my attention to the New River Rendezvous in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Over three days this annual rock climbing festival celebrates the culture of the active lifestyle. With slideshows, adventure films and clinics on outdoor expertise this event promises to inspire excitement and enthusiasm. I promise to share with you what I discover, what I see and hear.

I’m listening. But as a journalist my job is to screen out the extraneous noise of an otherwise frenetic experience and put clear messages into a coherent context. I pick out the subtle details of even the most peripheral conversations and help to tell a story.

At an event like the NRR there will be a lot going on. Organized by the folks at Waterstone Outdoors the venue is drawing professional climbers and product manufacturers from all over the country. People like Chris Sharma, Lisa Rands, Brittany Griffith, Lynn Hill and Timmy O’Neil will be there to add flavor and texture to a gathering of colorful characters. I plan to bring you a few of their stories. And I’ll have the details on all the event’s parties, contests and attractions like the Odub-Jer Artastic Jamnation featuring rapper Odub and multi-media artist Jeremy Collins.

Several makers of outdoor gear including Trango, Prana, Sterling Rope, Chaco, Evolv and Osprey are sponsoring my efforts to illustrate the NRR with photographs, videos, text stories and other updates. Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter will be awash with content generated leading up to the event, through the weekend and shortly thereafter. So stay tune to this web channel and search other outlets for posts at #NRR.

The great thing about social media is that it gives anyone, whether at the event or at home following along online, the opportunity to become engaged and get involved. I hope to aggregate content you’ve got to share so PLEASE pass it along! Feel free to post what you’ve got to the Joy Trip Project Facebook page or shout me an email at I’m listening.

If you’re in Fayetteville and some random guys asks to take your picture or wants a quick interview ask for a Joy Trip Project button. He’ll have a pocket full of them. See you there!

Special social media coverage of the New River Rendezvous comes courtesy of Osprey, Prana, Trango, Sterling Rope, Evolv, Chaco, the New River Alliance of Climbers and Waterstone Outdoors.

Social media is a vibrant exchange of ideas.  Join the conversation by becoming engaged.  Send us an email to info@Joy Trip Or find us on Facebook or Twitter

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