Talk at TO’s Tavern

No one listens better than a good bartender. Pouring drinks master of ceremonies Timmy O’Neill got Alex Honnold and Peter Croft to open up and share their deepest thoughts on their careers as world renown free solo climbers.

At the Banff Mountain Film Festival Saturday the stage of the Eric Harvey Theater was transformed to resemble a neighborhood bar, TO’s Taven. Veteran climber Barry Blanchard, the cast of the film “Baffin Babes” and others populated tables to play the part of pub patrons drinking beer and wine (not props) while the three shared a revealing, mostly hilarious interview. With Timmy behind bar the setting made for a cozy venue to explore one of the most dangerous yet intimate sports in the world.

Coverage of the Banff Mountain Film Festival is made possible by the generous support of sponsor Patagonia

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