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Music and art blend in a new collaboration project by singer songwriter and most recent JTP contributor John Common. In conjunction with the release of his latest album Beautiful Empty the Denver-based musician has invited photographers to illustrate the songs’ lyrics with images as compelling as the words.

The Beautiful Empty Photo Conspiracy calls for the creation of original pictures from across the country. Photojournalist Lucia De Giovanni curates the collection that will be on display at the Fox Theater in Boulder on June 12th. The event coincides with the release of the album by the indie band John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light.

“I think artists of all types should collaborate more… this project is an excuse to do that,” Common said in an exchange via Facebook. “There aren’t restrictions for participating — you don’t have to be a “professional” photographer to be in this project. Anyone can make art.”

This is the next in a series of projects that encourages the work of other artists. In the past Common sent out calls for filmmakers to share their vision in the creation pieces set to music that become significantly more powerful than the sum of their parts.

A contribution of $10 allows photographers to share up to three images. They’ll also receive copy of the CD. Boosting album sales in the process the Photo Conspiracy is a smart way to build an audience and allow all those who participate to share in the creative process.

Registration is open until May 15, 2010. Complete details and guidelines can be found at:


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