This poignant short film by Sean Mullens is a portrait of humanity’s struggle toward our inherent excellence. One man’s daily challenge to overcome his disability and indulge a desire for ecstatic play models for the rest of us the joy that can be achieved in perseverance.

“You can transcend,” the film’s star Michael says. “You can get to a place where you’re sort of free, to be able to dance, to be able to be fluid, to be able to be so in the moment, to just be natural…to be what you were meant to be.”

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

Music by The Album Leaf – Into the Blue Again – Broken Arrow
Sub Pop Records 2006

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  • Very nice James. Liked it especially b/c my hubby is a para. He experiences this skiing.

  • Didn't know that Claire. It's good to hear that he's still active. Films like this one make me keep in mind how much I have to be grateful for and how few excuses I have not to live my life to the fullest

  • Thanks for the opportunity to view this man's story. Wow! Motivational!

  • So true. I sometimes take my husband's disability for granted because he is so "able." Important to remember and sometimes it is because of pieces like this. Thanks for posting!