“The Wildest Dream” Banff world premiere


Everest climber Conrad Anker signs autograph for fan after premiere of George Mallory bio pic "The Wildest Dream"

Himalayan climber Conrad Anker welcomed a packed audience to the world premiere of his new movie “The Wildest Dream.” Spanning 90 minutes this Banff Mountain Film prize favorite tells the story behind Anker’s discovery of lost Everest explorer George Mallory and the reenactment of the climb in 1924 that some speculate was the first successful summit of the world’s highest peak.WildestDream

Narrated by Liam Neeson and with voice talent provided by Ralph Fiennes and Natasha Richardson this Mallory bio pic was shot on location during an active Everest expedition. Anker and partner Leo Houlding held true to their roles by using  period clothing, footwear and equipment.

“The Wildest Dream” is likely to be slated for world wide distribution by National Geographic Entertainment for both 35mm and IMAX theaters.

NB logo 100Special thanks this week to New Belgium Brewing Company for underwriting travel expenses during The 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival.

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