Rock Climber Girl

Sara Lingafelter came on to adventure scene with the grace of a ballet dancer and the energy of a rock star. I’ve been at this 20 years now and I’ve seen my share of young women and men go about “finding themselves” in the outdoors.  Most “live the dream” by scamming free gear, conning sponsored vacations, alienating family, neglecting friends and forgetting how to bathe, but not Sara. This once Seattle-area lawyer came to the wild world with humility and thoughtful consideration. Sara took the odd shop job, slept on floors, played chauffeur and belay slave but always with a smile. Known on her blog as Rock Climber Girl she shared her experiences and tried to inspire others along the way. On a two-year short course in the way of the dirtbag Sara paid her dues to join the tribe of outdoor professionals.

“This life is a balance of work and play, although the line between the two is just blissfully blurred, at the moment,” she wrote in a recent post. “This life is about listening to my self, listening to my body, listening to the voices that point the way… because when I trust myself, and listen to myself, and follow my intuition, then it’s a blessing when things work out.”

Sara’s working now as a field representative for the rep agency Waypoint Outdoors. She loves her job and believes she’s found her place in the world. That kind of career path is hard enough to find let alone follow. But Sara has shown that it’s possible. By approaching life in an honest assessment of what matters most we can discover what we love, what makes us happy and how best to fulfill our life’s purpose. ~JEM

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