Joy Trip through the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009

It’s that time of year again. The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market kicks off this morning with the Open Air Demo in Ogden, Utah. Then starting tomorrow and through the next four days about 30,000 exhibitors, retailers, outfitters, service providers and environmental activists will gather in Salt Lake City to share our common passion for all things outdoors.

Held twice each year, winter and summer, OR is like a combination of Christmas and a class union. Everywhere you look there’re bright and shiny new toys to play with and old friends you haven’t seen in way too long. It’s also a meeting of some of the brightest minds tasked with the creation of practical products and systems to allow people to lead an active sustainable lifestyle.

Manufacturers who’ve likely heard of like The North Face, Patagonia, Jansport, Sierra Designs and Royal Robins will present their latest equipment, clothing, footwear and accessories. In recent years each of these companies and hundreds of others have made great strides in building products that use recycled or sustainably produced raw materials, are made with practices of fair trade and labor and carefully minimize the amount of CO2 they emit into atmosphere during manufacturing.

Many of these companies also support a variety of different philanthropic causes and relief organizations around the world that aim to improve the quality of life for millions. And they also provide funding to a number of fine artists and musicians who are share their creative passions through many different media platforms.

Over the next several days The Joy Trip Project will give you a brief glimpse into the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Through this blog and content being uploaded through the Outdoor Retailer Facebook fan page you’ll get to see photographs and text message comments direct from the show floor. If you’ve at the show and want to share something interesting that’s going on please drop a note via to or send a tweet to

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