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ilike-logo-orangeI think it’s safe to say that social media is here to stay. In the six month since launching the Joy Trip Project I’ve managed to connect with thousands of people all over the world. I’ve managed to jump on just about every social media platform imaginable and the latest is the music site iLike.

The JTP isn’t necessarily a provider of music. But as a series of MP3 files with audio featuring musical elements I figured it might make sense to use this service to hopefully make the stories bring to you every week a little easier to listen to and hopefully share with your friends. Find the new iLike fan page for the Joy Trip Project at:

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So far I’ve been really lucky. Several supporters of my work have made it possible for me to travel a little and gather more compelling content. I aim to keep that going with several new editions of the podcast coming out, plus new posts to this blog and the photo stream throughout the summer. As it turns out though, finding these stories isn’t hard. There’s no shortage of interesting people doing exciting things with their lives, many for the benefit of others. The challenge is in packaging all these stories and delivering them to you in a manner that is convenient for you to enjoy. I hope iLike will help.

As a communications platform the JTP is a ramshackle heap of three different web sites cobbled together with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and now iLike.  So I am truly sorry that you’ve come to visit only to find my house in disarray. I’m working on fixing that. So I hope you’ll be patient. What I need is a single web page that will accommodate all the audio, video, still photographs and text I can generate. And this web site will also have to allow you the visitor to not only access and pass along all this content to your friends but you should also be able to post contributions of your own and share your comments.

Facebook does about 85 percent of what I just described. So for the time being that’s where you’ll find the bulk of new JTP activity. Most recently I created a media tab marked “Music.” With the help of iLike here you’ll find every episode of the JTP posted as a downloadable MP3 and a media stream so you can listen directly from your computer or load editions to your music player. Next I’m also working on an iPhone application that will allow you have a dedicated button to push for direct to device content delivery. Think it’s a good idea? Please let me know by taking the poll.

There are a lot of cool things coming down the road. For now I hope you’ll keep listening, watching and reading. But most of all I hope you’ll continue to participate and share this wonderful journey with me through the wild world wired.

Remember in the Joy Trip of life its all in how you stick the landing.

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