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Team-Joy-TripThere’s a fabulous business over in the Allied Drive community, just south of the Belt Line Highway called Dream Bikes. What’s really amazing about this little company is that it combines just about everything that The Joy Trip Project is all about. Supported by Trek Bicycle, Dream Bikes gets low-income families and individuals into the sport of cycling while providing practical job skills training.

Young people from this economically challenged part of town not only get access to gainful employment, but they’re exposed to a healthy lifestyle activity that lets them enjoy recreation time outdoors. Working in conjunction with the Boy & Girls Club of Dane County, Dream Bikes provides both its customers and employees with exercise and non-polluting, sustainable transportation to school, work and play. A micro-lending program offers free financing toward to purchase of a bike for those with limited ability to pay. And because they specialize in used bicycles, the company helps to recycle and repurpose old equipment that might otherwise be left to rust in dusty basements or worse area landfills. Dream Bikes offers a great community service.

Inspired by the good works of Dream Bikes the Joy Trip Project is sponsoring a cycling team to raise money and awareness for the cause of expanded access to outdoor recreation. Members of this team will participate in the Bike For Boys & Girls Club fun ride on July 18, 2009 in Madison, Wisconsin. The goal is to raise $1,750. A contribution of $75 gets you a spot on the team, a team jersey, an opportunity to earn Trek Bicycle gift certificates and all participants and donors are invited to attend a post ride BBQ at The Joy Trip Project world headquarters.

A donation of any amount toward the $1,750 goal would be greatly appreciated. But your participation as a rider will help to further the cause by wearing the Team Joy Trip jersey in a show of support. Please, get involved!

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